Founders Note

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Hermis Haridas & Nisha Purushothaman

Welcome to the latest edition of PT Aware.

In the last few months, we have witnessed the impact of climate change worldwide, documented through the lenses of dedicated photographers and various news platforms. March 2024 has been a stark reminder of our changing world, with unprecedented events capturing headlines: from the early thawing of Arctic ice endangering polar wildlife, to unusual storm patterns disrupting migratory birds across continents.

In April 2024, the global impact of climate change became increasingly evident. Record-breaking temperatures accelerated glacier melt in Greenland and the Antarctic, contributing to rising sea levels and heightened flood risks in coastal regions. Severe drought conditions persisted across the western United States, fueling early-season wildfires with devastating ecological consequences. Meanwhile, abnormal rainfall patterns in Southeast Asia disrupted agricultural cycles, threatening food security. These events underscore the urgent need for robust climate action to mitigate further environmental degradation and protect vulnerable ecosystems and communities worldwide, highlighting the interconnectedness of climate phenomena across continents.

We invite you to engage with these stories, to better understand the intricate links between climate change and biodiversity. Your awareness and action can make a difference. Together, let’s inspire change and contribute to safeguarding our planet’s future.

Hermis Haridas &
Nisha Purushothaman
Founders – Paws Trails Explorers