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Raghul Patteri


Giant birds induce fascination and sometimes fear. The Lappet-faced vulture is Africa’s largest vulture. Its size and bald head are its calling cards, and they can be easily distinguished in a melee of scavenging birds around a carcass in the African savannah.

In this edition of PT Aware, Dr. Peter Hudson takes us through the interesting biology of the Lappet-faced vulture and the primary threats they are facing.

Increasing human activities and livestock farming and the unrestricted use of veterinary drugs have led to a massive decline in the vulture population worldwide and the Lappet-faced vulture is no exemption. Accidental poisoning is another cause of concern, and the increasing use of insecticides may be of impact too.

There is evidence that the ban on the veterinary use of certain drugs in the Indian subcontinent has slowed down the rate of decline, and the hope is that Africa and the wider world follow suit.

We thank all our readers for trusting us with insightful stories from the natural world. PT Aware brings you the best from the world of natural science, conservation, and wildlife photography. The inspiring images in this edition are by Mary Ann McDonald and Dr Peter Hudson.

Our next edition will focus on Sloth Bear. We eagerly await your photography contributions for this.