Anosh Koppikar

Anosh Koppikar, a finance professional with nearly two decades of experience, embarked on a journey into the jungles of India over 30 years ago, igniting a deep passion for tracking the majestic Bengal Tiger. Recently, he transitioned away from his finance career to introduce TheGamedrive, a luxury safari outfit. The Game Drive represents a pursuit...

Govind Manu

Meet Govind Manu, a ninth-grade student at The Millennium School, based in Dubai. His passion lies in the realms of nature photography and pictorial photography, earning him the prestigious “Best Youth Photographer” award at the German International Photo Salon 2023. Beyond his photographic pursuits, Govind is also enthusiastic about traveling, swimming, and martial arts.

Varun Aditya

Varun is an ardent nature lover and a self-taught photographer from India, specializing in Wildlife and Nature Photography. He is the First Prize winner of National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year for 2016. His works have been featured on National Geographic and embellished book covers. He prefers vibrant, sometimes under exposed and artistic photographs....

Arthur Diesel Abegg

Arthur has always been fascinated by natural environments, and his earliest memories are always related to an animal. He is the author of books and scientific articles on amphibians and reptiles. He also has a master’s degree in Zoology from the University of São Paulo. Even when he is off duty, his hobbies are related...

Tamara Rojas Sibaja

Tamara Rojas Sibaja is a Costa Rican wildlife illustrator, art lover, entrepreneur, and the creator of the Bëkuö Bosque & Ilustración brand. She has been contributing to nature conservation in Costa Rica through her work and courses for eight years.

Serafín Robert Horst

When Serfin Robert Horst was 11 years old, he discovered the wonderful world of birds and started to photograph them. For the last eight years, he has spent his free time studying and practicing wildlife photography in Argentina His objective is, through photos, offer sensations and experiences to the viewer, to show the beauty of...

Naomi Méndez

Naomi Méndez, is a Costa Rican naturalist photographer, who loves nature and she especially likes macro photography. She practices photography as a hobby, however, she aspires to get involved in environmental education and conservation projects.

Vidyun R Hebbar

Vidyun R Hebbar is India’s first “Young Wildlife Photographer of The Year” award winner. He is a 12-year-old boy from Bangalore who is passionate about macro and street photography. In addition to his photography interests, he also enjoys reading, collecting stones, and 3D penning.